Botox Party Baltimore

Looking for a fantastic way to catch up with friends or co-workers and look great at the same time? How about hosting your own Botox Party in Baltimore? Fast becoming the new way of spending a night with your friends, these parties are setting the trend among cosmetic services. The treatments can be done in the relaxation of your own home or office, providing a comfortable, intimate environment for you and your friends, making facial rejuvenation treatments more convenient today than ever.

Facial rejuvenation is an exciting process where, with minimum downtime, Botox and Dermal Fillers can refresh, smooth, and enhance your facial features, making you look and feel years younger. Botox and Dermal Fillers are used by males and females alike to soften wrinkles and deeper lines on the face. At your Botox Party in the Baltimore area, the injections are performed by highly trained medical providers from the Green Relief Health team in an environment best for you. This unique experience can be even more enjoyable when shared with others.

Botox Party Treatment Areas

Botox or Dysport are commonly used to treat lines around the eyes (crow’s feet), frown lines between the eyes (Glabellar region), and lines on the forehead that often appear with age. Botox or Dysport work by relaxing the muscles that contract to form these lines, creating a smoother appearance in the treated areas. The effects of Botox or Dysport last up to 3-4 months. Find out more about Botox or Dysport.

Dermal Fillers are commonly used to boost volume in areas such as the lips and cheeks. They are also used to camouflage deep wrinkles, especially in between the brows, around the nose, and lips. The effects of Dermal Fillers last from 6 months up to 1 year depending on the type of product chosen. Find out more about Dermal Fillers.

Who Can Receive Botox Injections?

Almost anyone is a candidate for Botox or Dysport injections. Individuals must be between the ages of 18-65, be in overall good health, and have realistic expectations to receive Botox or Dysport. You will not be able to undergo Botox or Dysport injections if you have the following medical conditions:

• Neurological disorders
• Muscular disorders
• Previous allergic reactions to botulinum toxin
• Skin infections in the treatment area.
• Women who are currently pregnant are also not allowed to receive Botox injections.

Hosting A Baltimore Botox Party

Hosting a Botox Party with Green Relief Health offers special pricing to all the attendees and great benefits for the organizer. The organizer can even receive free treatments based off the sales at the event!

Botox Party Baltimore Themes

Are you looking for a creative, fun idea for your future Green Relief Health Botox Party in Baltimore? These parties can be very popular with brides and their bridal party, who want to look their best on their big day. It is recommended for bridal parties to have their treatment at least 3-4 weeks prior to the big event, so that minor swelling and bruising can settle.

Here are some of our other Green Relief Health themed suggestions for your next party:

  • Botox & Lox 
  • Breakfast & Botox 
  • Botox Brunch Parties
  • Ageless Beauty Party 
  • Beauty Queen Botox Parties
  • Engagement, Bachelorette & Bridal Parties
  • BROTOX Party for all the gentlemen – what a great way to get together for the next big poker game or sports game!
  • GNO Party – Girls Night Out or Girls Night Off
  • Retirement, Bon Voyage, or Anniversary Parties
  • Birthday Botox Bash
  • Mommy’s Day
  • Just for Fun Parties
  • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Holiday Parties
  • Preparation for Vacation, Reunions, First Dates, and even Bathing Suit Season
  • Good-Bye Parties – saying hello to your new, vibrant & refreshed look has never been easier.
  • Bring us for Botox & Fillers to any spa, jewelry, or handbag event you are looking to hold. 

Additional Costs

Additional costs to each attendee are purely based on the treatments wanted and the type and amount of product used. This is discussed and quoted for each person prior to proceeding with treatment. Our medical provider will recommend the best treatment to suit each attendee’s needs. No one is under any obligation to proceed with any treatment. Call 410-368-0420 for current pricing questions.