Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Certification

In order to purchase and use medical cannabis for health problems, all patients must get a legal Maryland medical marijuana card. You can only use a provider registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission as a Medical Marijuana Approved Practitioner for your medical cannabis card services. You are able to check and see if your current provider is registered with the system in the state’s database.

During this process, you should begin gathering your medical history and all relevant medical documents. Your medical cannabis card services provider will look over your complete record before he or she can recommend marijuana for you.

An eligible patient is diagnosed with one of the medical conditions deemed ‘treatable’ by medical marijuana under Maryland law. You must also have a “bona fide provider-patient relationship” with your recommending provider. As per Maryland law, this is defined as a provider who has completed a full assessment of the patient’s medical history and current medical condition.

Since the law requires a provider-patient relationship, any provider must have a consultation with you to meet the requirements of Maryland law. At Green Relief Health we offer two types of visits either for a first time certification or for those renewing their medical cannabis card.

Below gives details about the costs of each visit type. Either of these visits can be done online in the convenience of your home or at Green Relief Health’s office conveniently located just a quarter mile off of I-695 in Baltimore.

  • First Time Certification Consultation
    • Comprehensive Certification at $175.00
  • Renewal Visit Consultation
    • Comprehensive Renewal at $125.00

It is important to note that the certification done by a provider will expire if it is not used within 120 days of issue.

Join many Maryland residents who have chosen Green Relief Health as their medical cannabis certification providers.