Download & Print Your Medical Forms

In order to see one of our Maryland or Delaware certified medical marijuana providers, we need to collect some patient information from you on these medical forms. This information will help us answer any questions you have and make the evaluation process for you as easy as possible.

The information we receive from these medical forms helps to document your qualifying condition. We will happily obtain the records for you after you sign a medical release form. We will review your medical records in advance of your evaluation appointment to speed the process for you. Same day appointments are available for patients with qualifying records in their possession and a number already issued from the state.

At Green Relief Health, we are always in compliance with all state medical marijuana laws and ordinances. We offer a path into your state’s medical marijuana framework and provide education to ensure you understand how to remain compliant as a patient. This requires us to have a doctor-patient relationship with you that we establish by reviewing your history, which is why these medical forms are so important.

We are also committed to ensuring that all of your information is maintained in a 100% secure, confidential, HIPPA compliant way. This is different than many medical marijuana doctors who do not always adhere to patient confidentiality guidelines as they should.

Get ready for your appointment ahead of time, by downloading, printing and filling out these forms. Then simply bring them with you the day of your appointment and hand them in. If you don’t have a printer, you can also fill these out in office, but please arrive a little early to be sure you have time. It is still helpful to review these forms ahead of time to understand the information you will need to fill out when you arrive at the office.