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Are you someone that suffers from chronic migraines and are looking to see if you could get access to Delaware medical marijuana for chronic migraine headaches? It is understandable that you would consider this option since chronic headaches can be quite debilitating. As you are aware a migraine can give you a whole host of symptoms including nausea, headaches, vomiting, and other systems. Migraines are so common in fact that they effect about 15 percent of the population globally.

The good news that as a Delaware resident you can access medical marijuana for chronic migraines.  If you suffer from chronic migraine headaches and have questions about the possibility of obtaining a Delaware medical marijuana card, the team at Green Relief Health is here to help! Our Patient Care Coordinators can be reached Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 at 302-564-9994 or by scheduling an appointment here.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches can be quite severe, but unfortunately there is no known cause. Unlike a typical headache, a migraine can last for up to several days and can be accompanied by several different symptoms. The most common symptoms that someone may experience with a migraine is headache, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound. There is a debate regarding the cause of migraines with some suggesting that migraines could be because of neurological issue with others suggesting that it might be a vascular problem.

Many that suffer from migraines often experience four distinct phases of the migraine. The stages include the following: prodrome, aura, attack, and post-drome. This does not mean that everyone who experiences migraine headaches go through all or multiple stages, but these four stages have been clearly identified in a substantial number of migraine patients. The first stage, prodrome, consists of symptoms such as frequent yawning, sudden constipation, and polydipsia that begin a day or two before a migraine. Aura, the second stage, can occur before or during a migraine and can include vision loss, numbness in extremities, and aphasia. The attack stage characterizes the migraine itself and can last multiple days. The postdrome stage occurs after the attack and describes the feelings of fatigue and confusion after the migraine. 

Delaware Medical Marijuana And Migraines

Since the causes of migraines are still unknown it is not possible to say definitively that medical marijuana helps with migraine headaches. However, there are several studies that show great promise with medical marijuana and migraines. In addition, we know that generally medical marijuana can help with things like pain, nausea, and vomiting which are some of the main symptoms of migraines. There are several studies that show real promise with the effects of medical marijuana and the frequency of migraines in patients.

A systematic review of several studies was done to examine all work looking at medical cannabis and migraines. This study determined that marijuana was an effective treatment for migraines both preemptively and during a migraine attack.  The paper goes on to list several potential reasons for this, including marijuana’s ability to bind to the 5HT1 receptor, which has been shown to help transmit pain signals. A second retrospective study found that migraine attack frequency was decreased significantly in medical marijuana patients. This study did note some negative effects associated with its use, such as sleep disturbance. It is worth noting, however, that inhaled forms of marijuana were reported to be most effective at treating a patient suffering from a migraine attack at that time. 

Can I Get A Medical Card For Migraines In Delaware?

Yes, you can absolutely get a medical card for chronic migraines in Delaware. The state of Delaware has 14 medical conditions that are specifically outlined in the law that a patient can qualify for to get a Delaware medical card. One of those specifically outlined conditions is chronic migraines. To qualify for a medical card because of chronic migraines you will need to be able to document these migraines.

A patient can document their chronic migraines through their medical history. You will need to be able to show that in your medical history you have been seen by a provider for these migraines. Inside of your medical history there will be notes that your provider has made to document the existence of these migraines. It is also important to remember that typically a chronic condition is anything over three months in duration.

Getting Your Delaware Medical Card For Chronic Migraine Headaches

Once it has been determined that you have a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Delaware like chronic migraines, the process to get your medical card is relatively simple. You will meet with a certified provider to go over your medical history and qualifying condition. If the provider finds that you meet the qualifying criteria the provider is, then able to submit a certification to the state of Delaware.

After your doctor’s visit there is still one step to go to qualify for a Delaware medical marijuana card. You will then need to submit an application to the state of Delaware to verify your residency in the state. In addition, you will sign a form to release your medical information to the state of Delaware which is a part of the approval process. This process can either be done online or through the mail. There is a $50 application fee to submit this application to the state of Delaware, which is important to keep in mind.

Visiting A Compassion Center

The final step in the process of obtaining medical cannabis in Delaware is to visit a compassion center. Now that you are a certified medical cannabis patient, you can visit a compassion center to obtain medical marijuana products. The state of Delaware has compassion centers located throughout the state. You are not required to go to any one compassion center but can go to whichever compassion center you would like. When you arrive at the compassion center you will have to show your Delaware medical cannabis card to purchase products. Compassion centers typically have very friendly and helpful staff that can walk you through the process and make recommendations on products that would work best for you.

How Can Green Relief Health Help?

If you’re curious about whether you may qualify for a Delaware medical marijuana card for chronic migraine headaches, reach out to us today! If you’d like to speak with a Green Relief Health team member, you may contact our office Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. On our website you can also find a large selection of educational blogs, an FAQ page with answers to frequently asked questions, and our own line of hemp-derived CBD that’s recommended by physicians!


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