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Are you suffering from cancer and wondering if you would be eligible for Delaware medical marijuana for cancer? As you know, cancer is an absolutely debilitating illness. The cancer alone is extremely debilitating and then you must deal with the side effects often associated with many medications taken to treat cancer. It is completely understandable for you to look for alternatives to help you with your cancer.

The good news is that as a Delaware resident you can access medical marijuana for cancer.  If you suffer from cancer and have questions about the possibility of obtaining a Delaware medical marijuana card, the team at Green Relief Health is here to help! Our Patient Care Coordinators can be reached Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at 302-564-9994 or by scheduling an appointment here.

What Is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease where your body’s cells grow uncontrollably. This growth typically called a tumor will grow in size. These cells are also able to spread to other parts of the body. Cancer can start nearly anywhere in the human body. That’s why there are so many different types of cancer.

Normally, human cells grow and multiply (through a process called cell division) to form new cells as the body needs them. When cells grow old or become damaged, they die, and new cells take their place. In cancer this normal process does not occur. As we said, cancer cells can spread or invade into other areas of the body. This is referred to as a metastasis.

Why Cancer Patients Turn To Delaware Medical Marijuana?

Studies examining the effectiveness of utilizing medical marijuana for cancer patients goes back into the 1980s. While medical marijuana is not a cure for cancer it has been shown to help with the side effects of the disease and treatments.  Often it may be utilized for pain management, nausea, loss of appetite, and more. Let’s look at some of the symptoms that medical marijuana can help with that are associated with cancer.

Medical Marijuana For Nausea

One of the primary reasons cancer patients use medical marijuana is to help with the nausea symptoms often associated with treatment. In 2019, there will be an estimated 1,762,450 people diagnosed with cancer in the United States, and that number continues to rise. Many of these patients will eventually undergo chemotherapy. Approximately half of all chemotherapy patients experience chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Many times, drugs utilized to help with nausea and vomiting may prove ineffective for the patient. Thankfully there are marijuana-based drugs that are even approved by the FDA that have proven to work. In addition, there are other forms of medical cannabis that people will utilize such as those available at Delaware compassion centers to help with nausea symptoms.

Delaware Medical Marijuana For Pain Relief

Cancer can cause tremendous pain. The treatments for many forms of cancer may also be very painful. One common type of pain many cancer patients experience is called nociceptive pain. This pain is caused by damage to tissues and feels like aching, throbbing, or sharp pains in the body.  In the damaged tissue, neurotransmitters in the body are released by immune cells then carried up to the brain by nerves. In response to the damage, the body produces endocannabinoids like the chemicals found in cannabinoids which is what is found in a cannabis plant like marijuana. Endocannabinoids interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the body to regulate pain and inflammation. In the year 1999, researchers proved the existence of higher levels of cannabinoid receptors in the brain that control nociceptive processing. Therefore, the cannabinoids in medical marijuana can successfully treat pain resulting from chemotherapy.

Medical Marijuana For Appetite Stimulation

Another symptom that many may look to medical marijuana to help for is appetite stimulation. While there are many jokes about THC in marijuana making you hungry, the truth is that it does. It works because leptin is produced after eating so that the feeling of hunger diminishes. As leptin levels lower, hunger returns, however THC inhibits the production of leptin and slows the signals that tell the brain when the body is full. Essentially, it slows the message to the brain that you are no longer hungry to trick the brain into believing there is hunger even when there is not. 

Can I Get A Medical Card For Cancer in Delaware?

The good news is that you can get a medical card for cancer in Delaware. The state of Delaware has 14 conditions specifically listed in the law and cancer is one listed in the law. To qualify for Delaware medical marijuana for cancer you will need to be able to document your cancer diagnosis.

A patient can document their cancer through their medical history. You will need to be able to show that in your medical history you have been seen by a provider for this cancer. Inside of your medical history there will be notes that your provider has made to document the existence of cancer.

Getting Your Delaware Medical Card For Cancer

Once it is determined that you have a proper qualifying condition for a medical card like cancer you will need to see a certified medical cannabis doctor in Delaware. This provider will meet with you to go over your medical history and qualifying condition. If the provider finds that you meet the criteria to qualify for a medical card in the state of Delaware, you will then be able to submit your application to the Delaware Office of Medical Marijuana.

After your doctor’s visit there is still one step to go to qualify for a Delaware medical marijuana card. You will then need to submit an application to the state of Delaware to verify your residency in the state. In addition, you will sign a form to release your medical information to the state of Delaware which is a part of the approval process. This process can either be done online or through the mail. There is a $50 application fee to submit this application to the state of Delaware, which is important to keep in mind.

How Can Green Relief Health Help?

If you’re curious about whether you may qualify for a Delaware medical marijuana card for cancer, reach out to us today! If you’d like to speak with a Green Relief Health team member, you may contact our office Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. On our website you can also find a large selection of educational blogs, an FAQ page with answers to frequently asked questions, and our own line of hemp-derived CBD that’s recommended by physicians!


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