Diet & Wellness Panel

DNA Testing for Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Weight issues are complex; Each body has a unique genetic makeup that can identify the best approach to achieve your ideal weight. While a nutritious diet and regular exercise routine are enough for some to stay healthy and trim, it may not be enough for others who are seeking optimal health in general. Green Relief Health’s focus is to provide you with a customized path to weight control, weight maintenance and a healthy lifestyle. Confronting genetic shortcomings for diet, wellness, and beyond can help optimize a patient’s journey by placing less stress on their body during the process.

Who needs this panel? Patients who:

  • Have made dietary improvements and are not seeing results.
  • Want to target their supplementation using their DNA results.
  • Desire weight management.
  • Have cholesterol or sugar sensitivity issues.
  • Want to address inflammation caused by dietary sources.
  • Are experiencing confusion about which diet would work best for them.

Fast weight loss is not necessarily smart or healthy weight loss. While weight loss drugs and other fast weight loss solutions may bring quick results, they rarely last and may cause dangerous side effects. Developing a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits should be at the core of any weight control goals. “Slower” weight loss with increased lean body mass is more likely to leave patients with earned results and help introduce sustainable long-term healthy habits.

But how can weight loss occur if our bodies are dealing with other underlying issues?

Carrying fat does not necessarily imply unhealthy habits. Diet and exercise are only 2/5ths of weight loss. Genetics is the other 3/5ths. Your unique genetic makeup defines the biochemical processes that determine the body’s energy utilization and fat stores. Some people possess genes associated with increased fat deposition, known as “thrifty genes,” and keep weight normalization from being attainable.

Weight normalization is difficult to obtain when certain “roadblocks” are present in your health. In fact, no single genetic test can inform you of all the factors involved in weight control. You will need to work closely with your health professional to overcome these “roadblocks” if you are to obtain true health.

Three of the main roadblocks to health are inflammation, mitochondrial weakness, and methylation issues. These three key areas of your genetics can alter all the aspects of weight normalization equation.

Low inflammation in the body is ideal for weight loss. Inflammation can be caused by genetic predisposition, dietary choices or other environmental factors. Since inflammation is a reaction from the immune system, the body interprets inflammation as the body being in crisis. In some, this may trigger fat to be stored, instead of lost, in preparation for prolonged crisis.

Food choices can also be essential to controlling inflammation. Seventy percent of the immune cells are present around the intestinal tract. If you are consuming foods that are “inflammatory”, your dietary choices may be inhibiting your weight normalization process. Knowing which foods to avoid can significantly alter your health strategy. The body can also view exercise as stress if inflammation is not controlled. Exercising while struggling with inflammation may even cause one to gain more weight.

Mitochondria, the “powerhouse” of the cell, provides the body with energy from food. A greater number of mitochondria within cells can help develop increased metabolism, thereby aiding the burning of more calories and fat. If your mitochondria are not properly receiving glucose or have weak genetics, it is difficult for your metabolism to operate at 100%. Many of these issues can be overcome nutritionally if you are working with a qualified professional.

Methylation, the process of converting many chemicals in the body to their active form, can impact mitochondrial energy, protein production, neurotransmitter production and DNA health. Having good methylation is essential to a healthy and long-term goal of weight normalization.

Preparing the body for an active and healthy lifestyle is as essential as the process of weight loss and exercise. Working with a well-trained health professional is essential to a satisfying outcome.