Delaware Compassion Center Info

Here you will find Delaware compassion center info for medical marijuana centers with locations throughout the state.

The Delaware Office of Medical Marijuana has approved 7 compassion centers — with the possibility of up to two more — for a total of 9 licensed compassion centers. There are 7 compassion centers that are operational in the state currently in the following cities:

  • Wilmington
  • Lewes
  • Smyrna
  • Rehoboth Beach
  • Newark
  • Felton

Though Delaware has approximately 16,000 medical marijuana patients, there are still fewer than 10 compassion centers in the state. As a result, prices can run higher than the national average.

The good news, though, is prices are falling as more dispensaries and cultivation facilities continue to open. You can find products in Delaware for between $10-$15 per gram.

With a valid Delaware MMJ card, you may buy and possess up to 3oz of cannabis every 14 days. This is a total of 6oz per month.

Only patients diagnosed with one of Delaware’s qualifying medical conditions can apply. Each patient will need to provide proof in their medical records. The next steps if you want to apply for a medical marijuana card in Delaware include:

Also, please note that you must be a resident of the state of Delaware for a minimum of 30 days. Up until 2019, applicants under the age of 18 needed to submit a separate application form and get certified by a pediatric specialist.

There are now seven marijuana compassion centers in Delaware at the time of writing. They are located throughout the state. There are plans for two more dispensaries to come online to bring the total number of compassion centers up to 9.

  • Cannabis Flower
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Edibles
  • Vape Oils
  • Concentrates

All registered compassion centers in Delaware are legally required to operate on a ‘not for profit’ basis. As such, these centers are not allowed to provide you with more than three ounces of cannabis in 14 days. Also, they can’t employ anyone below the age of 21. Once you are a registered medical marijuana user in Delaware, you must pick one dispensary and stick with it. For more information on the Delaware Medical Marijuana Program, visit the state’s official FAQ page here.



Alvin Banacia